BasketBall Shooters

  • Size of the machine : (2ft.)^3
  • Sense longgitudinal distance from basket
  • Shoot baskets using mini hoop and ball from any position within specified area*


  • Human conveniently "gives" the machine a "round" of at least two balls at once; no contact there after
  • Hoop remains fixed; machine can be manually moved to new position to shoot from (parallel to backboard)
  • Human may input lateral distance from basket center

Output : Shot balls go through hoop


  • Feed and shoot two balls within 15 sec. (Must load and hold basketballs, then release one at a time)
  • Time begins when first shot is initiated
  • Shoot 6 rounds (2 balls each round) and score 180/360 points
  • Two rounds should be along the centerline, two rounds to the left, and two rounds to the right. Off-center shots should be at least 1.5' from center line
  • Corrections can be made only in between rounds (one minute given)

Hoop/Ball Dimensions

  • Teams have a choice of two basketballs, the larger one will be worth doulbe the points
  • Backboard: 9" W by 7" H, suction-cup mounts
  • Ball #1: 4.0" diameter (max 5.1"), Ball #2: 2.5" diameter
  • Hoop: 5.5' inner diameter
  • Ball Weight #1: 2.3 ounces (max 2.5 ounces), Ball Weight #2: 1.97 ounces