Package Wrappers

  • Wrap boxes of different sizes in the range of Length 5-10", Width 3-5", Height 1-2.5"
  • Box size cannot be manually fed to the system
  • Liquid adhevsives are not permitted
  • Adhering wrapping paper directly to the box is permitted
  • At the completion, the box should be completely covered, without less than 10mm change in the box dimensions

Human Interaction

  • You can take an arbitrary amount of time and complexity to put the wrapping paper roll in your machine
  • Once a roll is in place, you are allowed two manual actions per box wrapped: 1) paper feeding and 2) box-placement
  • Feeding means unrolling some of the paper from the roll and putting it into a ready state for the machine to begin wrapping. Feeding should take no more than 5 seconds
  • Placing the box should take no more than 5 seconds
  • You cannot initially tape a wrapping paper to box as a part of feeding and placing process
  • Feeding and placing can occur at separate times and in either order
  • Wrapping each subsequent box may involve the same two manual steps, feeding and box-placement
  • Waste paper can be removed by a human once a box has been wrapped


  • Initial feed should take no more than 5 seconds
  • Placing box should take no more than 5 seconds
  • Your system must wrap a single box in 2 minutes or less. The countdown begins with the first of the above two actions (feeding and placing)